Anonymous asked: Do you still love the A you're writing about?

Never loved him, never will. He’s not in my life anymore, and he didn’t even have the maturity to communicate with me properly. I have no room in my lives for lying, immature assholes who don’t even have the courtesy or respect for me to give me the answers I need. I’m actually a lot happier since I’ve stopped talking to him, and even my friends have noticed it. I’ve been talking to/seeing other guys and will continue to do so. He’s just another chapter in the book of my past. 

[The story of A.] part iii.

July 6, 3:52 AM

It is nearly 4 am on a Saturday night/Sunday morning and my heart feels like it has just been split into two, again. It’s quite reminiscient of the way it cracked that afternoon you suddenly ended our relationship over the phone since you claimed to have neither the time or commitment for a long-distance relationship. And here I am, over half a year older (and supposedly wiser, though I feel rather stupid right now) sitting on a different bed a few hundred miles away crying over the same thing: you, us, what-ifs, and the what-should-have-beens. And in my mind, a movie reel won’t stop replaying the perfect two months we spent together, your recent confession of immediately regretting the breakup as soon as it was over, and our mutual confessions of the remnants of our feelings for one another: licklings of flame that could burst into a brilliant fire at any given second, if only we feed the spark. 

And I am crying, six months later and six months older, because I felt as if I’ve lost you again. And I’m so angry at your immaturity, lack of communication, and the fact that you never seem to have any trouble prioritizing everything but me—and I am so angry at myself for caring. Because the past few weeks have been nothing but hurt, betrayal, and disappointment, felt solely on my part, and I can already feel the weak campfire inside me flickering under the heavy gusts of wind you’ve sent my way. Soon, I will be nothing but an empty bonfire of blackened gravel, ebony char streaks and burnt wood chips. Something once so beautiful, now reduced to whispers of a past.

I have no more fight left in this brittle, bitter body. I give u—

Anonymous asked: Whos Edgar? Is he the guy at your school? He writes a lot. Ive missed out on some of my tumblr ships due to finals lately sorry but goodluck on your tests :p

No, Edgar’s not the guy at my school. I dated another guy from my university during the last month of the school year.

Haha belated good luck on your finals! (Unless they’re already over)

Anonymous asked: Team 5evar is evan+edgar! Hahaha those 2 would make cute babies if it could happen. Who do you think would be the mom and dad? :p

Oh my god lol..

Anonymous asked: Letter boy why haven't you shown Ivy that tumblr. Stop being lame and make it public again!! omg I wish a guy wrote me the way he did about you ^___^ come back to us babe.

I know! Letter boy, where you at, and where are my letters?! 

Wait.. you saw the letters, too? They were about me? What..!?! Who are you? Get off anon please :C 

Anonymous asked: did you let edgar touch them big titayz?

You know I can see your IP address, right?

Anonymous asked: I'm glad your first year went good. But do you have any ideal guys or ideal qualities you want? I think I'd want a guy who's honest and respects me most importantly

I think those qualities are extremely important, too. My requirements are honesty, respect, loyalty, trust, humour, intellect, kindness, etc. etc.

Anonymous asked: the right one who makes you happy is out there. in time you'll find him and you'll feel so loved. keep your head up ivy :]

Aw thank you :) I don’t need the “right one” though, I’m perfectly happy with myself!

Anonymous asked: Some of us anons asked Edgar what he thinks of you. What do you think he thinks of you? What do you think of him?

I think what he thinks of me is pretty straightforward since he’s written about it. I’m flattered that he thinks that way of me, but I only think of him as a friend.

Anonymous asked: whats ur bra size your breasts are so amazing

What a charming compliment. This must be how you get all the ladies. *sarcasm*