Anonymous asked: yo u fuck girls doe ?

I don’t “fuck,” I make love (though I never have with girls before.. Or guys)

daeheedlee asked: Apparently, it's your birthday? Happy birthday, Ivy. :)

It was actually two days ago, but I’ve been so busy being on vacation in la/Vegas that I’ve only replied to half my messages :( sorry for the spam guys! And thank you so much!

thesealivesinme asked: Happy Birthday Ivy. Keep up the fantastic writing. ~Edward

Aw Edward! That’s such a high compliment coming from you. Thank you, so much.

Anonymous asked: top 5 list of girlfriends? hehe

Jennifer Lawrence, Esther Chu (my favorite female writer), another writer on here named Kat, and idk… Misa Campo and Melanie Iglesias?

Anonymous asked: top 5 list of best past/potential boyfriends?

Ryan Gosling, Ryan Gosling, Ryan Gosling, Ryan Gosling, Ryan Gosling

Anonymous asked: Mmm that intellect and beauty are so arousing. Forgive me for my lust. Get to know you, I must. Id like to exhilarate you, heart beat so fast. It'll escape you. Show you danger coupled with thrill, as you exhale your breath I'd steal, as you soul will squeal.

Oh wow, well this was… hmm, intriguing. Mind getting off anon so I may see who’s responsible for this lovely prose?

Anonymous asked: You are so pretty. Happy birthday

Haha I’m just an average girl who has a decent talent in makeup. But thank you, kind anon!

hohuum asked: happy 19th doll! have an awesome one =] (and keep an eye on the mail)

Eeeeeek you’re sending me another parcel from Australia?! I still have to write back to you! Thank you Alby, I’m so grateful!