Anonymous asked: Whos your best friend on here? Is she hot as you are?

Although I’d say I have a decent number of close friends (who I’m very blessed to have!), my closest friends are @vyvyquach and @kprez. I’ve known Vy for years, and she is so wise and mature beyond her years. She’s also the sweetest girl and never fails to give me excellent advice. And Evan… Oh, how do I even begin to describe this man? He’s everything I’ve ever wanted in a friend (as well as a boyfriend hahaha) and he has been the most loyal and caring friend to me.

And yes, they’re both incredibly attractive ;) Much more so than me

Anonymous asked: any new writings coming up?

I feel so bad for neglecting my writing, and my creative juices are bursting out of my deans, but it’s been nonstop busy for the past month or so. I was going to get some writing done before I left on my 1-week trip, but that didn’t happen.. Hopefully I can find time to edit some drafts. I have some heartache that needs to be expressed through poetry.

agoodhumpy asked: Lol it's your birthday today? I saw a tumblr page lol

Yes it is (in two hours.. April 19th) How did you know..? What do you mean you saw a tumblr page?

Anonymous asked: It's not a joke hahaha. I just mean people should respect your selfie game ;)

Hahaha well um.. thank you! 

Anonymous asked: Youre so beautiful. Anyone in your presence should bow down and take notice of you lolol

…Oh my gosh hahaha! I don’t know what to say. Is this a sick, sarcastic joke?

I’ll push my suspicions aside and accept what I hope to be a compliment, graciously :p Thank you so very much. [I’m really not, though. I’m an average Asian girl who’s exceptional at makeup and photography. That’s all there is to it.]

Anonymous asked: are you single?

Yes, I am—but I’m not looking for anything at the moment. I’m really happy this way C:

Anonymous asked: whats your bra size? your bust is so amazing!

*insert clever, snarky way of saying “not telling you’*

johnyr asked: Thank you. You're quite an amazing person. I know we haven't personally met but I can already tell. Much love Ivy

Thank you, Johny. This means a lot to me. I hope all is well with you.

maggieno0dles asked: Oh gosh, thank you for the compliment! I think I spent a good 5 minutes or so fan girling over your message :$

What? Fangirling? Why?! Haha, you deserve every praise you can get!

I can get my head turned by a good-looking guy as much as the next girl. But sexy doesn’t impress me. Smart impresses me, strength of character impresses me. But most of all, I am impressed by kindness. Kindness, I think, comes from learning hard lessons well, from falling and picking yourself up. It comes from surviving failure and loss. It implies an understanding of the human condition, forgives its many flaws and quirks. When I see that in someone, it fills me with admiration.

Lisa Unger (via moaka)

(via maggieno0dles)

Anonymous asked: wow your writings are lovely. he's a special guy who must love you, whoever you're writing about

I’m blown away with all these compliments that I don’t deserve. Thank you so much, and it’s messages like these that encourage me to continue writing (because I haven’t really written for the past month—I’ve been too busy!) 

He and I actually went our separate ways not too long after I wrote that post, and I’ve dated a few guys since then, but honestly, nothing has compared to what he made me feel. But I’m sure that in the future, the right will come along who will make me feel the same way—or even better C: I’m trying to love myself fully before I can love another. I’m in a bad state of mind tonight, and this message made me feel better. Thank you.