Oh, how I miss writing..

Don’t worry, Tumblr. I haven’t forgotten about you. Once this whirlwind is over, I’ll be running back into your arms soon.

Anonymous asked: youre so pretty. do you have a bf?

Aw thank you :)

He’s not my boyfriend yet, but I’m taken by -olly ^^

-olly asked: So dis chick ivy doh. She hooked on this fool olly doh. He's so fly doh. Up up here we go doh. He's in the car yo. On the way to her house fo sho. We about to take some class doh. Hold up here we gooooo. Eyyyyy Ohhhhhh Eyyyyy yoooo

…Can’t believe I’m dating this dork.

Anonymous asked: did you know any of the victims of the shooting? even if you don't, it just sucks this happened

I didn’t know them personally, but I know friends of the victims :/
Yeah it was a terrible tragedy. :/ thanks for the message though :) it’s nice to know people care.

Anonymous asked: do edgar and vy have a blog? i want to follow them (:

Lol I’d rather not give them out.. it’s an invasion of their privacy haha

Anonymous asked: falling in love? this really is serious. congrats on finding love. you deserve someone who cares for a beautiful girl like you so much

Aw you are too sweet! Thank you :)

Anonymous asked: who have you dated?

I’ve dated a decent number of guys within the past year, some mistakes and some not. I’m about to start a project where I write a poem for each person I’ve ever liked/has liked me/I’ve dated. Starting from the very beginning to the very end

Anonymous asked: How are your writings coming along? I've really missed your posts (:

Aww anon you’re so sweet, thanks for asking :) I feel so guilty for neglecting my writing and I plan on starting again soon. I miss it a lot too, and I’m so grateful to have such sweet readers like you ! xx thank you so much, you guys are my inspiration.

Anonymous asked: Aww :/ how far is "A"? Where does he live

He lives in a few cities over, but far away enough where I hope I’ll never have to see him again

Anonymous asked: Who's A?

It stands for Asshole. 

Haha, just kidding. Some douche I dated named Aaron. I won’t link his tumblr because I respect his privacy, but I do have old posts tagged with his name, mostly happy ones written from before he turned into an ass. We had some good memories together, but he’s a different person now and I’m far beyond having moved on already :) I’m really happy with Olly, now. (To be honest, Olly is kind of everything Aaron promised to be, but never really was).

Anonymous asked: Do you know any guy name Andrew?

I think I know one or two but I don’t talk to them. Why?

Anonymous asked: how serious is this new guy? he sounds nice :]

He’s kind of wonderful. :) We’re pretty serious! We’ve been friends for years and recently decided to take our relationship to the next level, and it’s been kind of a whirlwind of happiness. We’re spending as much time together as we can this summer, and we have lots of cute dates coming up once he heals from his surgery ^^

To be honest, I’m kind of already falling in love with him.